Bel Air, Maryland
Sept 30th - Oct 1st, 2023

Fresh Prints of Anywhere!

We’ve seen the Fresh Prints of Bel-Air. Now lets see the Fresh Prints of ANYWHERE!

If you’re a maker whos latest project rocks, and you want the world to see it, then get ready to submit it to the Fresh Prints of Anywhere,
made possible by Duet3D and Printed Solid, and hosted by James from Print N Play, and Glenn From Fun King 3D!


Best In Print!
– Show off your favourite 3D print. This can be straight off the printer, or a finished item that is sanded and painted
– The majority of the item must be 3D printed
– Items must be considered “safe for work” due to VERRF being a family-friendly event

Mechanical Marvel
– Built something using 3D printing that performs a task, does something awesome, solves a mechanical problem? This is your place!
– Evaluation will be on how 3D printing is used on your device.


First, to make sure we can get an accurate count of who is entering, we need you to submit a quick blurb to us. Just who you are, what the project is. The second part of your entry will required by the deadline, and that’ll be where you show off the project.

Entries can be submitted to Entries must be received no later than 1 week preceding the event.

For best-in-printsubmit as many photos as you want. At the minimum, we want to see all sides of your print. You must also submit your name and a brief description of the project. In lieu of pictures and a description, we encourage you to film a video of your project and explain it in your own voice! Time permitting, we will broadcast this video during the stream. Make sure to include any contact details you’d like put out there. YouTube, Instagram,
Twitter, etc. We’ll do our best to include this during the stream, time permitting. Please keep videos to 60 seconds or less in order to increase your chances of having your project displayed during the stream. Longer videos will be reviewed, but cannot be included due to time constraints.

Mechanical marvel entries require a video showing them doing what they’re supposed to do! A quick walkthru of your design process, what it does, how 3D printing made it possible, etc. As with above, please keep your video to 120 seconds or less in order to increase your chances of having your video show on the stream. Longer videos will be reviewed, but cannot be included due to time constraints. Also feel free to submit two videos, one that can be used to explain your device to the audience, and one that can provide more details to the judges. All judge’s rulings are final.

One entry per person allowed. The person entering the contest must be the primary creator of the work.


Best In Print

You’ve used your filament to make something extremely cool, lets see what you can do with more of it. The winner of the Best In Print category gets a $200 USD gift card from Printed Solid

Mechanical Marvel

Ready to give your current 3D printer an upgrade? Or maybe you’re planning on a new one? Well, the winner of mechanical marvel gets a Duet 3 mini 5+ board + Raspberry Pi 4 provided by

Made possible by
Printed Solid
Print N Play
and Fun King 3D